Technology has played a tremendous role in the innovations that have occurred during the past few centuries.

Technology Through the Years: Famous Inventions and Inventors

Technology has played a tremendous role in the innovations that have occurred during the past few centuries. Creative inventors have had the ideas for new and helpful inventions and have taken the needed steps to see them come into use. Inventions such as the telephone, radio, computer and television have changed the way we live, work and use our leisure time. Please feel free to read the following information to learn more about these important innovations to our lives.

Telephone – While many people have been involved in areas leading up to the invention of the telephone, the first patent for the telephone was issued to Alexander Graham Bell. His experiment in 1876 where his voice was transmitted to a different room. From these humble beginnings, the telephone has expanded in popularity to the multitude of uses of today's phones.

Telegraph – Prior to the invention of the telegraph, the only ways that messages could be sent from place to place was to carry a message by foot or by horseback. The man given credit for the invention of the telegraph is Samuel F.B. Morse, who received a patent in 1838 for telegraph. Historians generally feel that the telegraph became the stepping stone to other communication inventions.

Radio – In the late 1800's several inventors began working on ways to transmit radio waves by wireless means. While the actual inventor of the radio has been a debate by many historians, several are given credit for parts of the invention. Pioneers such as Heinrich Hertz, Edouard Branly and Nikola Tesla are among many of the inventors who are credited with creation of the radio.

Television – In the early 1900's, inventors began taking the ideas of the radio and began to work on ways to transmit images as well as sound through the airwaves. The first person to effectively do this was Philo Farnsworth in 1927. He unveiled this to the work during a demonstration to the press in 1928. From there this invention has become one of the most popular creations of all time.

Camera – Primitive cameras using plates and other types of methods to capture images had been in place for many years. However, the first use of film in a camera was credited to George Eastman in 1885. Mr. Eastman began creating a paper film which was used until he created the first celluloid film a few years later. His first camera, called the Kodak, we offered for sale in 1888.

Phonograph – The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison in 1877 as a simple device. Further enhancements led to the record and record player. Over time the record player has evolved into cassette and DVD players, and ultimately the MP3 players of today.   

Computer – While the history of computing goes back several centuries, the first electric digital computer was created in the middle of the 20th Century. The first computers took up a great deal of space, and had limited capacity. As time went along and technology improved, computers became smaller and the capabilities expanded greatly.