One of the nicest features about mobile phone advertising is the flexibility of instantaneous results and delivery.

Mobile Phone Advertising

One of the nicest features about mobile phone

advertising is the flexibility of instantaneous results and delivery. With this type of advertising you are able to stay connected to consumers through push alerts for recipients on the go with product updates and new promotional offers. Mobile phone advertising adds value to your communications and marketing strategies and plans with amazing results. Coupons through text messages generate a fabulous return on the investment with discount codes sent directly through SMS generating ecommerce point of sales effects.

Mobile donations for non-profit organizations successfully collect donations through mobile phone advertising. The donations are charged to the donor’s phone bill for an instantaneous for on the go people. Voting and polling deliver statistics in seconds allowing people to participate and voice their opinion with an interactive application with opt-in messages. Text messages, websites, kiosks and events are easily shared through a variety of different Medias.

MMS or long text containing rich content via multimedia messaging services provide an amazing opportunity to engage new clients an go above and beyond the traditional 160 character allotment that an SMS text retains as a limit. Videos, audios, images and long 1,000 character text messages that have MMS enable mobile devices can easily receive these messages. Personalizing your message and shared detailed information to the recipient is easily achieved through a MMS message with mobile phone advertising.

SMS text messages are also able to have a mobile decoder with a hidden image game piece which allows the consumer to click on a web link that will then open an electronic game piece. The hidden message is then decoded and revealed and may relate to special event locations, retail discounts, sales and more. Campaigns are designed to drive traffic to a specified store or website delivering phenomenal results with this new integrated form of advertising.

Mobile phone advertising has the ability for recipients to share their opinion on new products, interact at live events, nightclubs, retail locations and tradeshows. At any venue responses are able to be visual and projected onto a large screen or passed on to the emcee. There is no end in the ability mobile phone messaging can achieve. Text 2 capture is an efficient and convenient way to gather information such as an email, name, city and so forth for people on the go. Feedback and surveys are easily captured with analytical applications tracking every response and delivers the results.

Masses upon masses of people can be reached with mobile phone advertising and the effect on the world clearly speaks. Publicizing your service or business can take many forms using effective ad campaigns.