Quick Response or QR comes from Japan where they have been used to instantly be read by a cell phone.

Quick Response (QR) Codes

Quick Response or QR comes from Japan where they

have been used to instantly be read by a cell phone. It is similar to a UPC symbol or barcode which can then generate the code instantly to be scanned anywhere. For example, if you received a QR code from Dunkin Donuts, you would then be able to go up to the cashier and the cashier would scan your generated code to get the rewards. The rewards may be a free cup of coffee or 10% off one pound of coffee. The consumer wins by having the QR code directly on their smartphone and the retailer wins getting sales increasing their profits.

QR codes can be generated from a variety of online sites such as or Google’s QR code generator and many others. Marketing using QR codes can be done via smart phones or many media devices and even business cards which can directly take the recipient to a website to see what they are offering. A business large or small can utilize QR codes in a variety of different ways. Adding them to flyers, posters and any advertisements containing contact details, offer details, product details, event details, coupons and even link you to social Medias such as Facebook and Twitter and link you to a YouTube video. The possibilities are endless in using QR codes which is increasingly becoming more and more popular.

A QR code looks like a black box with white and black inside in a design. Newer models of Blackberry phones, Androids, iPhones, iPads and other smartphone and tablet owners can download one of the apps which are free. Then the user would open the app to hold the device to be scanned. It is similar to a price check on a scanner in a store when you hold up the item to scan the upc symbol. This creative and high tech QR code has amazing possibilities in the new age of innovative technology. These interactive bar codes are now featured in magazines, flyers, posters and everywhere. Mobile bar codes are linked to advertising content in SMS messaging and the user only has to swipe the code with their mobile device.

QR codes have the ability to store address and URL’s which is now appearing everywhere. Using the correct reader app with a camera phone can scan the image to display the text, connect to a wireless network or go to the internet. The application that then scans the QR code retrieves the information using GPS and the geographical location of the user. This new technology is sweeping the nation rapidly and the codes are now being seen everywhere making life easier.