There are many URL (uniform resource locators) shortening services so they are able to be used in mobile marketing.

URL Shorteners

There are many URL (uniform resource locators)

shortening services so they are able to be used in mobile marketing. Every character counts and when reducing a long URL into a tiny form you are then able to use in a text message, Twitter or social medias. A great feature shortening an URL is the ability to track showing the traffic through reporting tools available. By keeping the URL size small is a nice advantage with a less number of characters to tweet or text message. Choose a service that uses the least amount of characters as possible and a service that allows customization naming to hold onto your name and register any vanity URL’s you are considering.

When it comes to URL shortening services a consideration to be aware of is what country the services originate. The domain name is registered with the service you are choosing and knowing what country it is based in just in case there are any issues to be resolved. Be aware of the parameters in an URL when selecting a service. Many URL shortening services can not handle certain parameters in an URL with symbols and resending the tweet or txt will not work on other devices and will be a broken link.

TinyURL is the most popular URL shorteners being used presently with at a close second. The difference between the two services is basically that if you are using the service for tweeting then TinyURL is the most popular to use with no tracking enabled. tracks clicks and retains analytical tools to do a comparison. Choosing any URL shortening services for your business needs should be compared as a whole for the exact type of service you require. While some have tracking other may not. URL shorteners are typically used disguising the long URL through redirection. Some websites may stop and prevent redirected short URL’s from being posted on their site.

Using an URL shortening service provides free hosting space by internet providers to customize long URL’s, unfavorable URL’s, shortened to text message, tweet, track, analytical tools and much more. Instant messaging is a booming business and a simple and affordable way to get the word out about a new product or service instantly raking in huge rewards in revenue. With just a click the consumer instantly can visit a website and purchase an item from a text message they liked about the product. Social Medias use shortened URL’s on their websites making SMS and tweeting simpler.