The technology of Near Field Communication (NFC) had clear potential and practical uses with versatile possibilities.

Using Near Field Communication (NFC)

The technology of Near Field Communication (NFC)

had clear potential and practical uses with versatile possibilities. Companies already using NFC are Nokia, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung and Motorola in order to promote the short-range wireless connectivity technology and more than 140 other organizations are now using Near Field Communication. NFC allows a device such as a mobile phone to collect data from another device or NFC tag in close proximity with a simply touch to establish a connection.

Any user with a mobile device like a smartphone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and others featuring a camera can instantly exchange information like a text and images, URLs or other data merely by holding your phone up to the smart tag. NFC uses loosely coupled inductive circuits to exchange power and/or data over a short distance while it shares the same basic technology with things like RFID tags and contactless smartcards. NFC is implemented as a read-only tech which means you will only get info from other NFC tags and not the other way around. These tags are extremely cost effective to implement and can be embedded in nearly anything such as flyers, coupons, stickers, posters and much more.

NFC technology is very big in Japan which is where it originated. By using a NFC enabled phone or smartphone or device the user can easily purchase a train tickets in Tokyo, coffee, airplane boarding pass and endless possibilities. This optimized technology is helping people who are on the go being able to get exactly what they want instantly via their smartphone or mobile enabled device. Banking using near field communication is simple to use with security features for any user to easily transfer money or visit their account online. There are numerous apps available for these features enabling the consumer on the go to accomplish a vast variety of potentials with endless uses using near field communication technology.

NFC incorporates communication between protocols from a data format to complete a multitude of operations via a smartphone or mobile device that no other technology to date can compare. Near field communication is a sheer brilliant innovation in technology that is growing rapidly and the features are incomparable.

Near field communications functions are secure and data protected and any inactivity will naturally time out and close. Tags can securely store critical information such as credit cards, personal data, contacts and pin numbers.